Incredible local speakers coming together. Will be an honor and an adventure to see them together on one panel and in small groups exploring ideas. To discover their great work and to recognize how much we have and are shifting management cultures here in Seattle and around the world. changing the stories together. 

Pauline McCharles   Moderator Inspiration Developer 


Tom Everill retired in 2016 as President and CEO of Northwest Center, one of the largest social enterprise nonprofits in the United States.  While at Northwest Center, a complex conglomerate devoted to full inclusion of people with developmental conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, etc, Tom practiced techniques of emergent leadership that allowed the organization to turn itself around financially and to become a potent national thought leader on inclusion.  Prior to graduating in 2007 from Antioch University Seattle’s transformative Center for Creative Change, he worked through a 27 year succession of corporate finance positions at Airborne Express, Inc. and served as a global integration officer when Airborne was acquired by Deutsche Post and merged with DHL.  He teaches at Milgard School of Business at the University of Washington Tacoma and is working on a book about the inner journey of generative leadership. 

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Danne Stayskal, Danne researches computational meta-ethics, among other fields. This is the study of how to develop human-compatible ethical decision-making capabilities in artificially intelligent systems. Her research demonstrates that when a community accounts for what individuals want (mathematically, by maximizing intersubjective human agency), the actions of that community uphold every tenet of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and support tenets and practices of Humanistic Management.

Books: http://danne.stayskal.com/books/


Bertine van Hoof works as an (interim) managing director. Her mission guides her to build climates in which people constantly learn, develop their talents and contribute to the growth of their organization and society at large. Next to that she has a broad and in-depth experience as an executive and career coach for highly educated professionals and (top) executives, including Nyenrode Business University since 1996 and Leiden University. Furthermore, she's the author and editor-in-chief of two management books written with highly acclaimed authors in the field of management and wisdom traditions. In 2016 she started her PhD research on the relation between pro-activity and practical wisdom. Bertine is the chair of Humanistic Management in the Netherlands.


Suzane Van Amburgh, crafts embodied learning programs that give people a sensory experience of conceptual ideas. Founder of Space To Move consultancy and Chief Instructor of Aikido Multnomah Aikikai, Van Amburgh has actively practiced the connection between martial arts, somatics and organizational effectiveness for the past ten years. A 35-year practitioner of the non-competitive martial art of aikido, Suzane has learned to make good use of the ground and practice embodied resilience. As a certified aikido teacher (shidoin, 5th-degree black belt) and somatic practitioner, Suzane has a gift for coaching people to recognize what they do and introduce small changes to improve effectiveness. Combined with her 20 years experience organizing groups of people to collaborate on projects, Van Amburgh brings a unique expertise to the challenges of change, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.                             

Mr. Samad Aidane, MSc. PMP, is a cross-cultural leadership development researcher, trainer, and coach. His industry experience spans telecom, finance, health care, and government projects in the U.S., Germany, Austria, and Belgium, with organizations such as HP, Cap Gemini, Time Warner Telecom, and Telefonica. Samad holds a Master of Science Degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, U.K. His current Ph.D. research interest in Applied Neuroscience investigates how findings from social and cultural neuroscience informs our understanding of the effect of culture on emotions, cognition, and behavior and their practical application to leadership and Cultural Intelligence development. Samad is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMP). He has been a featured speaker for organizations such as Nike, Emirate Airlines, and T-Mobile.

Linh Thai. a consummate professional with extensive background and experience in public relations, international affairs, and organizational leadership development. I am passionate about exploring and bringing out the best in individuals and organizations. Every day, my intent is to be purposeful and attract learning opportunities by being fully engaged and present. Whether in personal or professional capacity, I embrace all challenges life has to offer with enthusiasm and curiosity through the lenses of compassion. I believe in the principles and practice of appreciative inquiry. I lead with purpose, integrity, and service. Strategize and partner with API's and Vietnamese American community organizations in the greater Puget Sound area to cultivate and develop leadership capacity, especially in civic engagement. 

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Dr. Raei Mohammed  Dr. Raei has consulted on strategic planning; co-facilitated a workshop on trust; and facilitated several workshops on immunity to change as well as several gatherings, meetings, retreats, and team building exercises for a variety of clients. Mohammed served as a board member and programming chair for the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network where he developed many new programs. Prior to this, he worked in the marketing of dairy products in the Jordanian market for several years where he also led the efforts for ISO 9000 quality management certification. Additionally, he represented the dairy and food industries on several national standards committees (in Jordan). Afterward, Mohammed represented several multinational, industrial goods companies in the Middle Eastern market. He recently completed a Ph.D. dissertation titled “Development and Validation of the Adaptive Leadership with Authority Scale.” He has a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Antioch University, and has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University.​


Dr. Shana Hormann has been an organizational consultant and professor for over 30 years. Shana currently serves with Antioch University’s Graduate School of Leadership and Change as Faculty and Senior Academic Program Developer. Shana’s consulting and training areas include leadership development, facilitation, indigenous empowerment, organizational trauma, organizational culture, building individual and organizational resilience, interpersonal violence, and spirit at work. She has undertaken a variety of consulting and training assignments for organizations in the nonprofit, public, tribal, and private sectors in the United States and abroad. Her co-authored book, Organizational Trauma and Healing (2013) focuses on organizational trauma in non-profit organizations. 


Tom Culham, an engineer and formerly vice president of a trade association, and forest products manufacturing executive shifted his life and work focus to practicing, researching and applying the contemplative aspects of ancient wisdom traditions in contemporary education. His Ph. D thesis (2012) Ethics Education of Business Leaders, published as a book received positive reviews in Canada’s National Post newspaper and peer-reviewed journals. It draws on: neuroscience, psychology, virtue ethics, Daoist contemplative practices, and leadership education emphasizing emotional intelligence. Tom with Jing Lin and Rebecca Oxford coedited, the book Toward a Spiritual Research Paradigm: Exploring New Ways of Knowing, Researching and Being.  He is currently leading qualitative and quantitative action research involving over 300 business students to evaluate the effectiveness of business ethics education that incorporates contemplative practices. Tom is dedicated to conceptual and action research focused on advancing holistic education of body, emotion, mind, and spirit. He believes that research is vital to advancing awareness of and implementation of holistic education as a means of transforming the world to a sustainable peace. Tom is currently, Professor School of Management City University and visiting lecturer at Beedie School of Business Simon Fraser University.

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Brenna Davis is a sustainability expert, thought leader, and writer. Brenna began her career in the energy industry and has nearly two decades of sustainability experience. She is the chair and a co-founder of Washington Business for Climate Action and has spoken on climate change across the state, at the White House, and at COP21 in Paris. Brenna is the author of an upcoming book: Regeneration: How the Resilient Heart, Creative Mind, and Compassionate Soul Light the Path to Global Sustainability.

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Nick Licata is a retired member of the Seattle City Council, having left office at the end of 2015 after being elected to five terms and serving 18 years. Books: Becoming a Citizen Activist: Stories, Strategies, and Advice for Changing Our World. 

Nick became a Seattle city councilmember despite being significantly

outspent and the majority of the council, the mayor, and both daily newspapers supporting his opponent. Elected to five terms, served as Council President and in 2012 he was named by the Nation as Progressive Municipal Official of the Year and twice named Best Local Politician by the Seattle Weekly. His election in 2013 broke all previous records for the highest votes received citywide for a city council member in a contested race. He initiated the founding of Local Progress (www.localprogress.org); the national municipal policy network and served as its first chairman until the end of 2015.

While in office he sponsored and had adopted as legislation paid sick leave and a minimum $15 an hour wage for all employees in the city, a city wide registration and inspection program for all rental units, required registration for all those lobbying city council, and created funding for cultural facilities throughout the city and initiated the city’s Civic Poet program. BecomingaCitizenActivist.org

Fernando Vega, MD

I was born and grew up in Seattle, though I spent some early years in the Philippines living between the jungle and the city of Manila. For the first five years of my medical career, I practiced Emergency Medicine in ERs throughout Pennsylvania and Washington.

When I began private practice in 1981, I found practitioners of other disciplines to join me (acupuncturists, physical therapists, naturopaths, midwives, and physicians in other specialties), and the collective of Seattle Healing Arts Center was born.

During more than 30 years practicing medicine, I have been privileged to hear many stories and witness a wide range of clinical situations and outcomes. My approach with new patients often starts with learning some of their life story. This includes influences on their emotional and social development as well as their spiritual perspectives. From this foundation of understanding, health issues and goals are then addressed.

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Bertine  van hoof founded Work Wise, a medium size consultancy firm on personal and organizational development, in 1995. As a learning and development consultant and executive coach she has a long-term experience in guiding individuals, teams and organizations with transitions and harvesting their talents. She has witnessed many executives and companies flourishing while using and addressing their potential in the right way. Both the small, every day decisions as the big life and organizational decisions can have a big impact on the flow of professional and organisational life.

“What is of particular interest to me is people’s motivations. What I do is apply a straight to the point approach on the basis of what is available. I investigate people’s true potential and the possible extension of their unique abilities. Making the right choices and taking the right decisions is of the essence in this process.”

Consuelo García-de-la-Torre. Field of expertise: Sustainability; Ethics and Corporate Governance; Entrepreneurship; Social Responsibility; Consumer Behaviour; Marketing Strategy and International Marketing; Social Marketing; Global Management; Industrial Psychology; Management and Humanism; Intercultural Negotiations. Course offer: Analysis of Consumer and Client Behavior; Business Policy, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility; Applied Marketing Project; Field Project; General Project; Integrative Project; International Seminar of Consumer Marketing.

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Prof. Dr. Claus Dierksmeier was appointed Director of the Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute) in January 2012 after holding a position as Distinguished Professor of Globalization Ethics and Co-Director of the Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT) at Stonehill College in North-Easton (Boston), Mass., USA.  Prof. Dierksmeier’s academic work focuses questions of political, religious and economic philosophy with a special emphasis on theories of liberty and responsibility in the age of globality. Currently, his main academic interest lies in developing the secular foundation of the Global Ethic Project via the idea of “qualitative freedom”, on which he has recently published a book (Qualitative Freiheit, 2016). He also conducts research on theories and practices of “humanistic management” and “humanistic economics”, and explores concrete questions in applied financial and business ethics (including, most recently, cryptocurrencies). Prof. Dierksmeier is also a board member of the Humanistic Management Network (http://www.humanetwork.org) and Academic Director of The Humanistic Management Center in Berlin (http://www.humanisticmanagement.org). Reframing Economic Ethics 

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Sandra Waddock is the Galligan Chair of Strategy, Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility, and Professor of Management in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.   Widely published, Dr. Waddock's research interests are in the area of macro-system change, intellectual shamanism, stewardship of the future, wisdom, corporate responsibility, management education, and multi-sector collaboration. two of her latest books, Healing the World: Today's Shamans as Difference Makers. Greenleaf, 2017. Intellectual Shamans:  Management Academics Making a Difference (Cambridge University Press, 2015) on Amazon or from Cambridge. 

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