At this conference, We are all working on ways to empower the employee. We, as a global community, will work to reframe perception of dignity at our workplace. Why Seattle? At local companies here we have managers who are developing and focusing on dignity and well-being as a priority. Let us share our ideas.

Each company has explored and is exploring employee wellbeing, it is time to bring our notes together and add some global experience to the conversation and see how we can write policies that will bring peace of mind and allow us to make the better decisions when we approach the world we work with.

What is Humanistic management?

In summary, humanistic management is the pursuit of strategies and practices aimed at the creation of sustainable human welfare. In combination, these three dimensions promote human flourishing through economic activities that are life-conducive and add value to society at large. Submitting business decisions to these three guiding principles is what we call humanistic management.

  • Linking personal values to business performance.

  • Workplace resilience in times of change.

  • How to care for business, environment and human community.

  • A Powerful opportunity to think about global business relations.

  • The important role of middle management.

  • empowerment of diverse thought from a place the individual ethos. 

  • character building, team building and company building based on a solid yet diverse ethos. 



IInspiration Developers

Dignity at the workplace,    Healthy decision making, 

Empowering middle management,    Workshops that develop resilience among teams

Our vision is a global economy that protects human dignity and promotes human wellbeing in an economic system in which all stakeholders are equally respected so that market mechanisms are applied to maximize societal benefits rather than individual profits; an economy in which economic rationality is applied as a means rather than an end in itself. 

Humanistic Management Network

The goals of the University of Tübingen’s Weltethos-Institut (Global Ethic Institute) are to promote awareness of moral issues among international economic and political actors and to facilitate meaningful intercultural dialogue.

founded in 2012 with a specific mandate to tackle the ethical challenges facing 21st-century globalised business and society through teaching, research, public engagement and international dialogue.

Humanistic Management Center

Our vision is a global economy in which all stakeholders are equally respected so that market mechanisms are applied to nourish societal benefit generation rather than individual profit maximization; an economy in which market rationality is applied as a means rather than being seen as an end in itself.

A University in Pursuit of a Better World

Antioch University is dedicated to offering a life-changing educational experience for students pursuing a successful career and a meaningful life.


To act as the hub for researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in the promotion and practice of Humanistic Management and Leadership consistent with the mission and values of the Humanistic Management Network globally.

Community Creates Dialogue